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Qualifying for SSD Benefits as an Older Worker

Even the biggest bureaucracies can make sense some of the time and the Social Security Administration is no exception.

Recognizing that the combination of being disabled and being an older worker is important — the SSA has made it is easier for people aged 50 and older to qualify for Social Security Disability benefits. Essentially, this means that you will not be held to the same standard in terms of your potential for “other types of gainful employment” as a younger applicant. What it does not mean is that you can qualify for SSD benefits on the basis of age alone.

Without special skills, it can be hard enough to find a new job after the age of 50 — even if your health isn’t a problem. If you have a disability, it may well be impossible. My name is Michael G. Myers and as an attorney, I can help you get the disability benefits you deserve. To learn more about over age 50 claims and the different rules that apply to disabled older workers, call or contact me for a free consultation today.

Over Age 50 Disability Claims

While it’s easier to obtain SSD benefits after age 50, it is not automatic. In other words, you will still benefit from working with an experienced disability lawyer.

As someone who has focused his entire legal career on this area of the law, I can help you understand the law, the Social Security system and the steps that are involved in the process. I can also help you complete the forms, gather the required medical documentation, work with your doctors and craft your initial application for benefits with the goal of immediate approval in mind.

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