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An SSI or SSD Claim Denial Does Not Mean You’re Not Disabled

The Social Security Administration denies most of the initial applications it receives for Social Security Disability and Supplemental Security Income benefits. In other words, don’t be too discouraged if you’re looking at a denial letter right now. It in no way means that you won’t be awarded benefits.

It may just take some more time.

How far should you take your disability appeal? In some cases, it may be better for you to start over with a brand new application — especially if there are critical flaws in the descriptions or medical evidence contained in your file. My name is Michael G. Myers and as an attorney, I can review your case and explain the disability appeals process so that you can make an informed decision for yourself. Call or contact my law offices today.

Know What to Expect

Although SSD and SSI are federal programs, the disability appeals process can vary from state to state. How does the process work in Indiana? The basic steps can be briefly described as follows:

  • The Request for Reconsideration is an administrative review. It must be requested within 60 days of the denial. Basically, what you’re asking the SSA to do is take a second look at your claim. Benefits are rarely awarded at this stage of the appeals process.
  • The next step in the appeals process is the Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) hearing. This hearing is the most critical level of the appeals process and is also the stage where claimants stand their best chance for success. Don’t take a chance by not having an attorney prepare you and represent you at the ALJ hearing.
  • If the ALJ hearing doesn’t result in benefits, the next step is the Appeals Council in Falls Church, Virginia. If there is new evidence, we can ask the Council to consider it — otherwise the Council will be limited to reviewing the ALJ’s decision for procedural error.
  • The final level of the appeals process is federal court. Federal appeals involve a different standard of review and can be very difficult to win. At this stage of the process, you need an attorney who knows the federal courts and has experience with disability appeals at this level.

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