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Starting Off on the Right Foot

The groundwork for any successful disability claim starts with the application. If completed carefully and correctly, you could be approved and begin receiving benefits in less than six months. In a small minority of cases (maybe 10 percent), this actually happens. For most, the process takes much longer.

Recognizing this, many people decide to complete the application themselves rather than work with a lawyer. For the few who get approved (if any) — this decision will save a tiny amount of money. Others think that they will save money by working with a service that provides them with a trained, non-lawyer representative. In truth, those services are allowed to charge just as much as an actual lawyer.

Given all that, why take the risk?

Avoid mistakes that can lengthen the process or force you to start all over with a brand new disability claim application. My name is Michael G. Myers and as an attorney, I can help you get the SSD or SSI disability benefits you deserve. I know the law. I know the system. You can count on me working hard to make your application as strong as I know it can be. Call or contact my law offices today.

Completing and Filing Your Disability Claim Application

A form is a form is a form, right? Not really. The Social Security Administration is pickier than most about its forms.

Because I limit my practice solely to handling SSD and SSI claims, I know what information is important to include in an initial application, and more importantly — how to put that information across in the way that the SSA wants to see it.

To make sure the job gets done right, I work directly with my clients and their doctors in completing the application. I also plan for the possibility that we will have to appeal an initial denial. It is important to do this because at certain stages of the appeals process, the only information that will be considered is the information already included in the record.

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If you would like help with completing a disability claim application for the Social Security Administration, I would be happy to talk to you. There’s no charge for the consultation and no money required to get the process started. To arrange a meeting, just call my law office directly or complete this brief e-mail contact form.