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Just because you have a disability does not mean that your claim for disability benefits will be approved by the Social Security Administration. In fact, more than half of all people who are eventually awarded benefits were initially denied.

If you’re looking at a denial letter right now and are wondering what you did wrong — don’t give up. You may not have done anything wrong. It’s just the way the system works.

Obtaining disability benefits is a marathon, not a sprint. The rules are complicated and the process does take some time to complete. What you gain by working with an experienced Indianapolis disability benefits attorney is knowledge of the system and its pitfalls. My name is Michael G. Myers, and I would welcome the opportunity to speak with you about your disability claim. For a free consultation, call or contact my law offices online today.

Are the Benefits Provided by SSD and SSI Different?

In a word, yes.

Social Security Disability benefits include:

  • A regular monthly payment (based on the Social Security taxes you paid)
  • Annual cost-of-living increases
  • Medicare coverage, including hospital and prescription drug benefits (starts 24 months after the date of your entitlement)
  • Benefits for your dependents, including adult children who were disabled before age 22
  • Return-to-work incentives
  • Survivor benefits

Supplemental Security Income benefits include:

  • A regular monthly payment (current maximums are $674 for an individual, and $1,011 for an eligible individual with an eligible spouse)
  • Immediate medical coverage under the Medicaid program

Qualifying for these benefits requires that you prove a physical or mental impairment that is so severe it prevents you from being able to work. This is more difficult than it sounds, even if you have written documentation from your medical provider. I only handle SSD and SSI cases. I know what it takes to get the benefits you deserve.

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As a lawyer, I have been handling disability claims and appeals for people throughout the central Indiana region for more than 10 years. In fact, this is the only type of legal work I do. I encourage you to take advantage of my experience and knowledge of the Social Security system by calling or contacting me for a free consultation today.