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Obtaining benefits from one of the Social Security Administration’s (SSA) two disability programs, SSDI and SSI, is a lot more difficult than the government makes it sound. There are rules, requirements and timelines that must be followed. There are specifications as to what qualifies as a disability and who can receive benefits.

Disability Benefits Lawyer

In reality, the word “frustrating” doesn’t do justice to what it’s like. My name is Michael G. Myers and as an attorney, I help people in central Indiana obtain disability benefits. In fact, it’s the only work I do. I am committed to guiding clients through the Social Security claims process and recovering the benefits they deserve.

Disability claims are my entire practice. I know where the pitfalls are. I’ve become very good at working with my clients’ doctors. I understand the realities of the system and help my clients walk into the process with realistic expectations. To speak with me about your disability, contact my law offices for a free consultation.

How will working with me benefit you?

  • I am the only attorney at this law firm. This means that you’ll be working directly with me from start to finish. A lot of firms can’t or don’t offer this kind of personal service. Worse are the completely impersonal mail-in services where Social Security Disability and Supplemental Security Income claims are typically handled by non-lawyer “representatives.” I believe success is more likely to happen when you’re working with someone who knows the law and who personally knows you.
  • I grew up in the Midwest and have the midwestern work ethic to prove it. When I do something, I believe it’s important to do it right. As your lawyer, I’ll work hard to make sure your disability claim application or appeal is thorough and complete in every sense. I will also do what it takes to prepare you for every stage of the process.
  • I don’t screen clients or look for cases with “really serious injuries.” If you say you cannot work because of a physical or mental impairment, then I believe you. I will always give you the benefit of the doubt and will work hard to effectively represent your interests.

All Disability, All the Time …

Indianapolis Area: 317-489-4066
Indiana Toll Free: 888-339-4149

You can schedule a free consultation with me today by calling either of the telephone numbers above, or by completing a short online contact form. No money is required up front. In fact, you won’t pay any legal fees unless you are awarded disability benefits.

Attorney fees for SSDI and SSI claims are limited to a maximum of $6,000, or up to 25 percent of the benefits that you are already owed — whichever amount is less.