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Do you need to reapply for ended SSI benefits if you worsen?

On Behalf of | Jun 9, 2023 | Supplemental Security Income |

To start on a bright note, many with disabling injuries or illnesses recover enough to resume work and end their supplemental security income (SSI) claim. Advancements in healthcare sometimes make it possible to reobtain many of the abilities you may have lost.

However, your original condition might return, or you could begin to experience complications, forcing you out of the workplace once again. You might not need to reapply for SSI benefits if your current income qualifies you for the expedited reinstatement of your original claim.

How does it work?

Say you were able to reenter the workforce, but a year later, your disability resurfaced to the point where you could no longer work. Instead of completing a new application, you can request expedited reinstatement. Here are three criteria for approval:

  • Must be your same disability or a closely related one
  • No more than five years have passed since benefits ended
  • The disability prevents you from earning a sufficient income

The Social Security Administration (SSA) will need evidence (income statements, medical records, etc.) showing you qualify for expedited reinstatement.

You may be able to obtain immediate provisional benefits for six months while your case is under review. Generally, you will not need to repay these benefits if your request for reinstatement fails.

Will you need help applying?

As you probably know, dealing with the SSA can be a bureaucratic nightmare. For example, omitting even a small piece of required information could delay the approval process substantially.

Legal guidance may enhance your odds of success by ensuring you meet all deadlines and submit the necessary information. This may be so whether you are trying to regain lost benefits or seeking approval for a new or first SSI claim.