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What materials do you need to apply for SSD benefits?

On Behalf of | May 30, 2022 | Social Security Disability |

The financial implications of managing a disability can be overwhelming, especially if you are the household’s sole breadwinner. Fortunately, the Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits are designed to provide the financial support you need to get by during those challenging times.

However, to receive the SSD benefits you deserve, you must start by correctly submitting your application. Here are important documents you need to submit to the Social Security Administration (SSA) while applying for your SSD.

Medical records and your doctor’s report

A comprehensive medical report from a licensed physician can be of great help. Just be sure that the report contains the formal names of the specific conditions you are suffering from, their diagnosis dates, any tests you carried out, and the treatments you received or are currently receiving.

Your work and education records

While reviewing your application and determining your eligibility for the benefits, the SSA will consider your formal education, job skills and duties, and work history. Be sure to provide accurate information about your past jobs and the education and training you received in the past.

Your financial statement

The SSA will also be interested in learning about your finances while reviewing your application. This is especially important if you apply for the Supplementary Security Income (SSI).

Information regarding your dependents

If you are married or have children, you will need to provide information regarding your dependents’ birthdates, Social Security numbers, and living arrangements. The SSA will use this information to determine their eligibility for dependents’ benefits.

Filing a disability claim can be overwhelming and confusing at the same time. Find out how you can boost your chances of a successful disability claim.