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Important factors to consider in your Social Disability claim

On Behalf of | Mar 30, 2022 | Social Security Disability |

Did you know that most social security disability claims are denied on the initial application? About a third of first-time applicants end up disappointed. This happens due to several reasons, some of which are avoidable.

For the majority of applicants who are affected, it is sometimes a long and difficult experience. Appealing a denied claim can take time and leave you financially exposed, especially when you are not in a position to continue working owing to your disability.

Below are some of the top reasons why the SSA may reject your claim.

You earn too much income

Should your current income be above a certain limit, your claim will likely be denied even if you have a disability. These benefits are meant for individuals who can’t engage in substantial gainful activity. The amount of wages beyond which you cannot qualify for social security disability is adjusted annually to factor in the national average wages.

Mistakes with your paperwork

There is a considerable amount of paperwork you must fill in when claiming your disability benefits. It may seem daunting, but you need to be careful when filling in the forms. Even minor mistakes in the details of your disability can lead to a denial of your claim. Any incomplete or missing information can also be costly.

Failing to follow medical treatment

Not following the doctor’s instructions to get better without valid reasons could insinuate that you are only taking advantage of your situation by claiming disability benefits. It could be a reason for the SSA to deny your claim.

Other reasons not listed here could be behind your denied claim. If your application is unsuccessful, it is crucial to understand why the SSA denied your claim before you think of appealing or restarting the whole process. It will increase your chances of a successful second try.