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Do heart conditions qualify for Social Security Disability benefits?

On Behalf of | Jun 28, 2021 | Qualifying for disability benefits |

If you have a heart condition, you might wonder if you can claim Social Security Disability (SSD) because of your limitations and ongoing problems.

It depends. Read more to better understand what goes into a disability claim for a heart condition.

What are the challenges of filing for disability benefits with a heart condition? 

When looking at any SSD claim, the Social Security Administration (SSA) wants evidence that the condition will make it impossible for you to work for at least one year. You need to prove to them that the condition is disabling and continuing, not just a temporary inconvenience. 

It can be tricky to claim disability benefits with a heart condition because many people with heart problems find ways to effectively manage their conditions and keep working. For example, getting a pacemaker, having surgery or taking medication may help control or resolve your condition. Alternatively, changing to a less high-stress work environment may also ensure you can continue to earn an income.

Can I claim disability if my condition is not listed in SSA’s Blue Book?

The SSA has a manual known as the Blue Book to guide them when deciding about an applicant’s condition. This book lists specific cardiovascular conditions and the evidence the SSA would expect to see to prove each particular condition.

Your condition doesn’t have to be listed in this manual used by SSA to qualify as disabling — and many are not.

Remember, the Blue Book is a guide to assessing claims. If your condition is listed and you happen to exactly meet the criteria listed there, it makes your claim easy to approve. If your condition isn’t listed or your symptoms aren’t an exact match for the criteria listed, you can still be approved for benefits — it just takes the agency a few more steps.

Proving your heart condition qualifies for Social Security Disability will be much easier if you understand how the claims system works. Having someone on your side with knowledge of this can help you prepare your application and increase the chance that the SSA approves your claim the first time around.